The Villages at Alton Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee is the product of a HOPE VI revitalization effort to redevelop what was once known as McCallie Homes—a neglected and deteriorated, low-rise, public housing project showing all the signs of an out-dated approach to providing modern and affordable, public housing.

Working together with the local Chattanooga Housing Authority, as well as community residents, local organizations and development partners, Thriven Design worked to develop a plan for the 52-acre site that was thoughtfully laid out and designed in order to help encourage real connections between the new Alton Park community and the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. And building upon the goals outlined in the revitalization plan, a total of 400 new units of affordable housing, encompassing a total of 275 townhomes and duplexes along with an additional 125 units for home ownership were created for the new community. Each townhome includes a front porch, a patio, rear yard and storage area. The spacious one- to four-bedroom homes come standard with washer/dryer hookups, tiled bathrooms and central air conditioning. Neighborhood amenities within the new village community also include a clubhouse and community swimming pool for use by residents of the neighborhood.

Located just minutes from scenic downtown Chattanooga, The Villages at Alton Park offers a glimpse into the positive impact a successful, collaborative neighborhood revitalization effort can have on a local community and city. Not only has the project reinvigorated the immediate area on both social and economic levels, but residents now have a safer environment in which to live, easier access to a variety of transportation alternatives, nearby shopping outlets and dining establishments, as well as the nearby Safewalk—one of Chattanooga’s many public greenways maintained by the city.

  • Chattanooga Housing Authority
  • SRR & Associates, PC
  • 400
  • Completed June 2005
Villages at Alton Park, Chattanooga, TN
Villages at Alton Park, Chattanooga, TN
Villages at Alton Park, Chattanooga, TN
Villages at Alton Park, Chattanooga, TN