Our Team

Thriven Design brings together four teams of professionals to offer clients an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to their projects. Early collaboration among architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design disciplines leads to better design, better documentation, and a streamlined timeline toward project completion.

Come work for a different kind of design firm just minutes from Center City, Philadelphia. Based in the heart of Collingswood, New Jersey, Thriven Design is a dedicated and integrated collaborative team of 60 architects, urban planners, engineers and interior designers working side-by-side, each and every day, toward one common goal—making the future better for everyone.

Working at Thriven Design

We're Motivated by a Call to Serve

Since our founding we have been committed to serving others and creating places where people thrive. As a firm we seek out work that allows us to design in a sustainable, holistic way and fulfill a community’s essential needs, whether housing, health care, education, gathering, or employment.

We're All Owners

Thriven Design is structured as an ESOP, which means our employees are also our owners.  There is a direct connection between the firm’s success and our employees’ success, and we have a culture in place to help all employees reach their fullest potential, whether this means providing mentorship, a clearly defined career path, support along the licensing journey, or opportunities for continuing education.

We Value Work-Life Balance

Thriven Design follows a hybrid work week, offers generous PTO, and hosts events for employees and their families periodically throughout the year. We were founded as a family company and seek to keep that family feeling alive as we grow into our next 50 years.

Working alongside our amazing Thriven Design family and our valued clientele bringing to life our designs within so many different types of communities and buildings I truly feel fulfilled. I am a people person, and connecting with everyone on each level of the design, construction, and with the end users of each project has allowed me to make some wonderful connections and lifelong friends. Knowing that I played a part in helping create places where people thrive brings me so much joy.

Claire Van Haren, Principal, Director of Interior Design