A dynamic, impact driven design firm dedicated to creating spaces where people and communities thrive.

Thriven Design was founded on the deep-rooted belief that design changes the way people live, work, and interact with their built environment for the better.

Since 1971, we have been a pioneer in socially responsible and environmentally conscious work. We continue to maintain a reputation for impactful design, recognizing that each project becomes someone’s home, haven, place of work, learning, or support.

New Market West, Philadelphia PA
Maguire Residence, Philadelphia PA

The Thriven Difference

Interdisciplinary Project Support

Thriven Design prizes and prioritizes interdisciplinary team collaboration. Whenever possible, Thriven Design involves experts from across its in-house architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design studios in key project decisions to ensure that its project insights are the most fully informed and that a decision affecting one area of project development will not have a cascading effect across building systems. Full-project Interdisciplinary collaboration sets Thriven Design apart and yields the highest-quality project recommendations; the greatest amount foresight into potential project challenges and opportunities; and the largest bank of knowledge from which to support clients and their project goals.

Wide Range of Expertise

Thriven Design’s staff of architects, engineers, planners, interior designers, and energy specialists has built experience in seven core sectors of design: affordable multifamily housing; affordable senior housing; affordable supportive housing; asset preservation; commercial properties; market-rate housing; and student housing. As an interdisciplinary team, Thriven Design is capable of providing more than 4 dozen professional services across the full project lifecycle.

Local Presence with National Reach

Thriven Design has worked extensively throughout New Jersey’s 21 counties, contributing more than 30,000 units of multifamily housing to our home state, alone. We have provided interdisciplinary architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design services up and down the MidAtlantic for more than 50 years, and have worked with project partners in 30 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Driven by Real Impact

We are a firm motivated by a calling to serve others and create places where people thrive. For 53 years, Thriven Design has been proud to collaborate with partners on projects that serve the economically disadvantaged; those as risk of homelessness; those overcoming addiction; those with chronic illnesses; individuals with disabilities and their caretakers; veterans, seniors, and at-risk youth. As a firm Thriven Design seeks out project partners, whether public agencies, private developers, nonprofits, or municipalities, that share our passion for community revitalization and impact driven design.

Our Multidisciplinary Approach

Providing world-class, comprehensive design services across multiple disciplines.

Utilizing our collective expertise, Thriven Design provides a collaborative experience built on communication, respect, and a shared appreciation for what is possible when we work together.

Thriven Design has a unique perspective of working with nonprofits who specialize in special needs. We have worked with many architects for renovations and ground-up buildings over the past 20 years: none are the caliber of Thriven Design. They are exceptional in their detail and responsiveness. Pure joy to work with the variety of professionals at Thriven Design — all KNOW our population and their needs...as well as [our] needs as a non profit. Impressive, unmatched in NJ!

Robert Parker, CEO, NewBridge Services, Inc.