Claudia Bitran

Senior Associate, Director of Planning

Claudia is an Associate with Thriven Design and leads the firm’s planning studio. A native of Brazil, she started her career as an architect and urban planner developing neighborhood revitalization plans for underserved communities throughout her hometown of S˜ao Paulo. Her experience has since evolved to include a wide range of planning initiatives, including site and building design, neighborhood and community master planning, and comprehensive downtown revitalization plans.

A thoughtful and talented urban planner with a strong background in architectural design, Claudia is able to navigate through the multiple facets of Thriven Design’s work, lending her expertise to the planning and design of affordable housing, infill redevelopment, mixed-use projects, and large-scale municipal planning efforts. She frequently guides clients through the early stages of design development, assisting them with both entitlements and community outreach, and has a proven track record when it comes to working closely with local community groups, governmental agencies and a variety of stakeholders to ensure an open and inclusive planning process.

Her recent work includes projects in communities throughout the United States associated with HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, as well as the agency’s preceding HOPE VI program, and has extensive experience with land development and redevelopment projects funded through a variety of federal and state programs.