Stephen Finkelman


As Principal and a senior leader in Thriven Design’s Engineering Department, Steve provides expert technical oversight, mentorship, and guidance to a multidisciplinary team of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection engineers. He manages Mechanical Engineering and Commissioning projects at Thriven Design and works in close coordination with Principal, Director of Asset Preservation, and Director of Engineering Alkeshkumar (Alkesh) Taylor, PE, LEED® AP, and Associate Principal and Manager of Engineering Ryan Wolfe, PE, to ensure that Thriven Design’s engineering clients achieve their project goals.

Steve has more than 50 years of experience in the engineering and construction field as a director, manager, consultant, commissioning agent, and forensic engineer. He possesses industry-expert level knowledge in Mechanical Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Energy Consulting and Commissioning. Steve has administered, designed, and engineered projects in the commercial, health care, public, industrial, educational, hotel, casino, residential, energy, environmental, and pharmaceutical fields. He is instrumental in the design, engineering, and testing of alternate energy conservation systems for demonstration and practical applications, such as ground source geothermal systems, thermal ice storage systems, solar domestic hot water systems, solar photovoltaic systems, and energy recovery systems.

Steve is active in research and education related to sustainable design, commissioning, and energy conservation and has taught sustainable engineering design at Jefferson University.

He serves on the American Arbitration Association Construction Arbitration Panel, helping to quickly adjudicate construction project claims, and has served as an expert on construction claims.