By Mary M. Johannesen, AIA, LEED® AP, Principal, and Stephen Finkelman, PE, LEED® AP, CEM, Principal, Director of Engineering

Contributing Authors, MULTI-HOUSING NEWS, July 2022

The U.S. experienced 20 separate billion-dollar climate disasters in 2021 alone. As the effects of costly natural disasters become more prominent across the nation, the term “resilient design” is quickly becoming a key trend in the multifamily housing industry.

However, resilient design is more than just a buzzword. Resiliency in affordable and multifamily residential design means incorporating advanced infrastructure and creative design strategies, such as emergency generators or enhanced stormwater management, to proactively help property owners withstand extreme weather events and mitigate extensive property damage. Resilient design is especially critical for affordable housing developers to protect their investment and deliver a sustainable product that will serve residents for generations to come.

With the focus on resilient design only expected to increase, here are five considerations for developers to keep in mind: CONTINUE READING