Arc faced a challenge in developing a prototype that would remove the stigma associated with traditional independent living facilities and blend seamlessly into a well-established residential neighborhood. The Arc, together with their team of professionals, developed an independent living facility model that appeared to be a single family “ranch” style home from the outside, but consisted of four, 420-square- foot, one-bedroom apartments. Each unit has a private bathroom, full kitchen, living/dining area, and ample storage space. A central shared living space connects the units on the inside. Through the development of this unique housing model, the Galloway Housing project provided each resident with their own independent living unit, while maintaining shared living and common spaces to encourage social interaction and provide a sense of family. The project was designed to ensure that the residents would live in an environment that supports their health, safety, and social life as well as their family and community connections.

Careful consideration was given to the relationship between the individual and his or her environment and their unique needs. Persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and various special needs need to feel safe and secure. Through the site selection and location to the building placement, the project was able to achieve a delicate balance between providing the safe and secure environment the residents desire and not re-creating the institutional environment found at developmental centers.

All shared living spaces and common areas, as well as ancillary spaces, are located along the resident’s common path of travel. As residents see activities occurring, they are more likely to become interested and participate in the activities. Group activities encourage interaction with others, provide opportunities for recreational therapy, and foster socialization and a sense of community among the residents. The Arc of Atlantic’s vision was to provide various opportunities for social interaction and recreation for the residents.

  • The Arc of Atlantic County
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  • Completed October 2012
Galloway Supportive Housing
Galloway Supportive Housing
Galloway Supportive Housing