We are honored to announce Ryan Wolfe, PE, has been elevated to Associate Principal at Thriven Design. Over the course of his 13 years with Thriven Design, Ryan has driven engineering innovation and leadership, and we are thrilled to bring these strengths into the fold of the Principal Leadership Team.

Ryan has played a vital role in the success of our firm and has been instrumental in guiding the Engineering department since its inception. Although Ryan initially specialized in designing plumbing and fire protection systems, he has since evolved into a mentor for his team and a passionate advocate for collaboration among all of Thriven Design’s in-house services, including architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design. Ryan is an accomplished Project Manager who fully embodies and reinforces our mission of providing interdisciplinary services across a wide range of markets.


Now as an Associate Principal, Ryan’s role will deepen at Thriven Design, allowing him to take on additional responsibilities in implementing internal firm initiatives. While he will continue to provide oversight to the project teams, his new position enables him to strategize, inspire, and lead across the firm’s engineering disciplines as well as the firm at large.

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Ryan for more than 18 years over the course of our careers, at Thriven Design and elsewhere. Throughout this time, I have witnessed his evolution both professionally and personally,” said Thriven Design Principal and Senior Engineer Alkesh Taylor. “He is a dedicated and intelligent individual who constantly strives for self-improvement and excellence. I am excited to have Ryan as part of our leadership team.”

Congratulations Ryan! We’re honored to be a part of your career journey and are excited to see how you will infuse your own strengths into the framework of our growing firm.