Building Design+Construction has ranked Thriven Design #53 in its annual list of Top 190 Multifamily Architecture Firms, recognizing the firm’s extensive experience in all multifamily work, including including apartments, condominiums, student housing, and senior living facilities.

Peg's Place and Gloria Casarez Residence, Philadelpha, PA
West Edge

For more than 50 years, Thriven Design has been an industry leader in multifamily housing, with a portfolio of more than 300 completed multifamily projects. The firm prides itself on its holistic approach to the design of the new multifamily communities, one that focuses not only on the existing and future infrastructure of the built environment, but also on the non-built environment—the spaces and places in between—and how they directly and indirectly relate to the overall planned development.

Thriven Design’s interdisciplinary team of architects, engineers, planners, and interior designers works to create housing that makes a connection to the surrounding community, regional resources, employment, recreation, green space, and cultural amenities. The team enters into each project with the knowledge that it will become someone’s home, haven, place of learning, employment, or support.

Barclay Place
Baldwin senior

Thriven Design has been honored with more 40 multifamily housing awards since its founding in 1971, including, most recently, 2023 Supportive Housing Project of the Year,  a 2023 Governor’s Excellence in Housing Award, and two 2023 Smart Growth Awards.

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