Millard Terrell Homes, Newark, NJ

Planning Services

Master Planning

Decades of real-world experience in planning for long-term community growth and development.

Site Design

Giving our clients a leg up when it comes to the best utilization of a project’s unique program, context and site.

Design Guidelines

Giving our clients the ability to establish a rigorous set of guidelines that will help them achieve their design goals.

Capacity & Feasibility Studies

Always ready to assist our clients in determining final site selection and the overall feasibility of any given project.

Neighborhood Planning

A consummate knowledge of what it takes in creating vibrant, dynamic and successful mixed-use neighborhoods.

GIS Services

An intimate understanding of Geographic Information Systems and their use in site and project analysis.

Governmental Approvals

Our planning professionals can help you navigate the complicated world of the governmental approval process.

Professional Planning Testimony

We can assist clients in determining, preparing for and submitting expert testimony when it comes to planning.


When it comes to planning, our philosophy is built on the notion that the revitalization of neighborhoods and communities can only be achieved through a collaborative effort infused with sensitive planning and thoughtful design. Our planning efforts at Thriven Design have helped to transform distressed communities and neighborhoods in need throughout the country into safe, comfortable and vibrant places to live, work and play. By working in close partnership with local residents, stakeholders and communities, we are able to analyze and then re-imagine how a specific neighborhood works and functions within its larger whole—its interconnection to the surrounding local economy and its ability to determine a logical path forward in terms of smart growth, economic development and livable communities.

Our planning efforts vary in size, complexity and geography, and have encompassed a variety of different project typologies, including large-scale master planning and community revitalization efforts; small-scale neighborhood and economic corridor design; infill, new construction and renovation of existing infrastructure; feasibility studies; and design analyses. In every endeavor, our clients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach, led by a team of professionals from different areas of expertise who possess a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements, financial constraints, and (in the implementation phases) design strategies and technologies associated with the unique conditions of each project.

Designing Successful Communities

Critical to the success of any development project is a comprehensive planning process which incorporates a holistic approach to the design of the new urban community. Our successful approach focuses not only on the existing and future infrastructure of the built environment, but also on the non-built environment—the spaces and places in between—and how they directly and indirectly relate to the overall planned development.

Transit-Oriented Development

Thriven Design’s commitment to successful community planning and urban revitalization is exemplified in our multi-disciplinary approach to mixed-use transit-oriented development projects, and in particular, the design of the modern Transit Village, where new residential and commercial development takes full advantage of the existing municipal modes of transportation.

Master Planning Services

Planning begins with a consummate knowledge of the issues effecting a given community, its locality and context, and the needs and priorities of its resident population. The involvement and integration of all stakeholders—from the grass-roots to the institutional—is critical in helping to create a vibrant and successful mixed-use neighborhood.