Aspen Heights University City, Charlotte, NC

Interior Design Services


A key to well-designed interior environments is an understanding of their functions and expected uses.

Master Planning

Understanding the full picture when it comes to any project is half the battle toward a successful program.

3D Virtual Tours

Allowing our clients to visualize in three dimensions what their finished project might look and feel like.

Finishes & Furniture Specifications

From the executive suite offices to the administrative workstations, we’ll help specify the complete spectrum.

LEED® Design

Going for a LEED® certification? We can help ensure the interiors are fully sustainable and green.

Installation Supervision

No matter what the project or program, we can be there to oversee the final pieces being put in place.

Fine Arts Program

Assistance in formulating an approach to populating your program with the appropriate artwork and imagery.

Space Planning

Helping our clients understand the spaces they have and how best to use them most effectively.


Expertise in the generation of renderings that allow our clients to know exactly what they’re getting.

Code Compliance

Our team of interior designers can assist you in navigating the underlying codes governing your project.

Construction Documentation

We’ll make sure that the designs developed are fully-documented and ready for the construction phase.

Corporate Standards

If your organization is looking to establish order in its interior environments and programming, we can help.

Signage & Graphics

Years of experience in making interior environments easy to both understand and navigate.

Relocation Services

Decades of real-world experience assisting companies of all sizes in the relocation of their operations.


Our interior design team offers decades of real-world experience in the creation of successful interior work and living environments. We work intimately with each one of our clients in order to help them analyze, design, implement, and ultimately realize their intended goals, offering them state-of-the-art, timeless designs that are cost-effective, highly functional, and current with the latest in modern building systems, technology and sustainable design principles, practices and methodologies.

Our interiors staff is a tight-knit group of dedicated professionals, committed to designing healthy, functional and sustainable spaces. Through thoughtful and careful design, our consistent goal is to establish thoughtful and dynamic connections between spaces and the people who inhabit them. With an intimate understanding and knowledge of both the client and the end-user’s needs, our team brings meaning and context to each interior environment they have opportunity to design.

...the team has invested the time to understand our vision for the residential properties we develop, own and manage. As a result, on each project I have the confidence of knowing the interior design will be within our expectations and our budget. Most importantly, when I give someone a tour of our developments, I can count on them saying, ‘Wow!’

Sam Leone, Project Director, Conifer Realty