Thriven Design was founded on the deep-rooted belief that design changes the way people live, work, and interact with their built environment for the better.

We are a 65-person multidisciplinary firm driven to serve.

Thriven Design provides a collaborative client experience built on communication, respect, and appreciation for what is possible when four integrated disciplines work together:

Thriven Design’s design approach is grounded in a sustainable mindset, motivated by the opportunity to make our communities better places, and focused on the people who will ultimately live, work, learn and play in the buildings that we design. Our Architectural practice brings extraordinarily broad and deep experience in a variety of specialties to a wide range of markets including multifamily housing, student housing, market-rate housing, commercial spaces, and more.

The Thriven Design building systems engineering group is fully integrated throughout the firm’s design practice and provides a variety of professional design, assessment, and consulting services that support our clients in all market sectors. Thriven approaches both new construction and rehabilitation projects with engineering solutions that create building systems that are cost-effective to build and operate, energy-efficient, and provide healthy environments for the occupants.

When it comes to planning, our philosophy is built on the notion that the revitalization of neighborhoods and communities can only be achieved through a collaborative effort infused with sensitive planning and thoughtful design. Our master planning efforts at Thriven Design have helped to transform distressed communities and neighborhoods in need throughout the country into safe, comfortable and vibrant places to live, work and play.

Interior design provides the critical link between buildings and the people who inhabit them, and at Thriven Design our team of four interior design professionals goes above and beyond every day, whether working as part of a multidisciplinary firm-wide project, or delivering exceptional solutions for an independent standalone interior design client. Far beyond “interior decorating,” interior design ensures the accessibility, efficiency, and longevity of a space, and improves quality of life.